We will be having our meet and greet on July 1st 2017. If you will like to be a part of it, fill out the form below so that we know you are coming. This event is open to the public so you can bring your friends & family.

We will have free Entertainment, Food, Drinks & Treats for everyone!

Come out and learn about TPU (TimedPickUps). We will have staff to help you get signed up if you will like to become a Rider or Driver.

The President Olaolu will be speaking on what TPU's goals are for the future.

There will also be multiple raffles going on and games to where you can win prizes.

If you will like to help with this event you can email to find out how you can be a part of our event.

If you will like to donate, you can go to the home page and click on the Silent Investor's button on our HomePage.

All guests attending must register to gain access to the events ground.